June 14, 2009

shake it cross the dancefloor

Alright, apart from still contemplating on whether I should close my blog
or perhaps change my url, I will still update pictures for the time being.
So yes, I finally decided to get pics and save em and post em :)
This was Dimmak+Cobrasnake and POPTART night

This was the ultimate car ride man, Darren drunkdriving us to Butter
Vanessa and I was literally dying at the back seat and me going on and on
about how I was drinking Suntanning Lotion. Yea yea yea -.-

That night we shifted from Zouk to Butter and the back to Zouk -.-
Whalao, and someone stole my money leaving me cashless !@##$%
Vaunt 4!

Stayed outside most of the time, so crowded inside! But used the time
to catch up with everyone, so happy to see all of them so yep :)
Lavender or smth for Dimsum in the morning, I just wanted Barley..
Now I want dimsum ):
Inquisitive and Dave at Butter.

Awesome night, almost everyone was there! So happy.
after drinking, a more happier night for us so yay ^^V
Hahahaha me love you all, hugs hugs X
My mum's gna be on leave from this week onwards
so I shall stay home and accompany her? Maybe maybe...
Not planning much this week tho, maybe ten times more of L4d for me
And when its Saturday........ HOOOORAY, haha tams and twiggz knows why ;)

Ok people gna hurry off for golf naowz
baibai X