June 17, 2009

so blingzzx I like!
I told myself since last year that if I got a BB I would def stick
diamantes on it!!! Well I did the rim of my phone cos I didn't want
it to be so over.. and the back.
I'm not sure if I would want to leave it there permanently so I used
the sticker sheet and painstakingly cut out strips according to my phone.
The back's kinda retarded tho but ohwell.......
Data Plan's been activated too so phone works wonders! Gosh
Esp BB messenger, anyone wants to be my friend on BBM!!!
I can't wait to meet Kyla tmr, it's been ages since I last saw her.
And and, I will upload proper pictures soon, I'm sorry my posts have been so dull!
I'm starting to get really upset cos I've been eating so much
gaining weight like mad. Urgh

Okz, I've had headache for the whole of today
gna get some rest
Love you guys :)
I know this is so cheesy, no I'm not in love
but this video is so freaking awesome and sweet.