June 6, 2009

We'll travel to infinity

Hello world! Okay before I start, let me show you guys something:

Yes! Look @ my nails!!! So happy I finally got them done
I didn't like them at first but after awhile I actually love it!!!
Tams was loving hers right after they did 1 nail -.-
Hahahahaha her's was whoaaaa~~ wait till she post up pictures of them ;)
Alright, main highlight of yesterday was:

XLBs!!!!! I get so happy when I eat them Yumtumtum :)

Its so nice!!! Those who haven't tried go try it! U won't regret :)
I was so stupid I left home w/o my wallet. Can I get anymore dumb?
3 days ago was my phone, now was my wallet next what!!?!!?!
my whole bag???
Pft, had to go all the way home from town to get it. !@#$$#@!

Did little shopping.... Now I find that the GSS sales isn't making a difference
when we shop. Seriously, the sale items are either not nice or no size
we end up buying normal items. GSS is just an excuse for shops to plaster a giant
80% SALE STOREWIDE on their windows and lure unsuspecting victims in
and spend a ton in their shops
OHOH! And I caught Blood, The Last Vampire last night w Sx all!
So happy cos I haven't hanged out w them in so long ^^V

The show was ............... but I liked the girl. I think she's pretty
her hair is so nice!!! & she's a cool ninja, I wna be a ninja like her

Today is saturday guys! Saturday!!!!!!!
What are ya'll doing, have fun shopping yes? Don't get fooled by the
discount signs ok? Hahhahaha
baibai people X