July 16, 2009

Around around the World

- I miss June ):
Anyway, I'm slowly getting life back on track...
So might be posting more regularly from today onwards already :)
I've been a hermit crab this whole week! Haven't stepped anywhere else
besides school and the hospital.
my body has undergone so much radiation, whahahaha
from X-ray to Echocardiogram (twice!) and to an Ultrasound...
Well now the results are mediocre but I'll be on medication
We shall see after two weeks... we shall see.
Oh oh!! And I might be getting a puppy! *.*
I have got a name for it already, but I'm thinking of more!
Anyone has suggestions!!?
Haha its a Maltese! Omg pray hard Im gna get it! heh heh

oh yes and not to mention..
Soooo happy! Plus I get to see Bby and everyone else ^^
I'm so happy tomorrow's a Friday! It means I get
to see girlfriends and boypals! Yay me again :)
Argh, should contain my excitement, chest is acting up again. Fffff >:o