July 18, 2009


makes the world go round, brings people together, drives people apart
swallows us whole, blinds us, it entices us.
If gone the wrong way rips us apart, it'll crush us
leaving us weeping, broken and crestfallen

If the opposite
gives us hope, bliss, the surge of euphoria
the feeling
one would never give up for anything else in the entire world.

But how long would this last?
The endless whispers of "I Love You"s and "I'll never let you go"s
Greed, Lust, and Jealousy entangles and poisons the soul
creating a hole in this 'perfect' bond.
Would the situation ever be the same again?

That's Love
it either breaks us, or mends us.
Btw, this post was just a random thought
felt like sharing it with everyone. Oh plus watch the video!
Really nice song :)