August 16, 2009


My very mysterious brother for you.

Yesterday was quite a blast..
till I overloaded on 8-9 Jagerbombs/shooters
but still manage to stay 30% sober and that was good :)
Like I said I think almost one quarter of
Singapore's population was @ Zouk
it was quite retarded and pushy,
am starting to feel uneasy in crowded places
after hibernating @ home for almost 3 weeks!
Am so proud of myself,
and not to mention I saved quite a bit! Think $4XX ;)

Ralvin's party was awesome too! Charades+Drinking Games
I suck @ Charades (esp re-enacting a CAVE) Bwahaha
and Rachel's and Jun's nursery rhyme!
However, all was well! Hope you enjoyed, Ralvin :)

Anyhoos this post is getting wordy, pics when I get them!
Till then.... X