August 17, 2009


I'm getting the sniffles~~~~~
My nose is running like a tap and clogging like a pipe.
I've been half awake since 7am, trying to sleep and
going to the toilet at the same time..
for like 7 times. (upset tummmy)
My brother is annoying me now about smth gg wrong with the house phone,
& I don't feel like talking!!! Urgh.
This is my boring Monday for you and I can predict the boredom meter increasing as
time goes by.
Yay me!

I can't wait for BBG to come back ):
& also the weekends! Am meeting D for a movie and he's gonna give me something he did for me
cannot wait to play it! Haha
Oohhhh and my package, fwah!! I hope they ship it out early ):

Oh yea, just a penny for your thought:
Have you ever been disgusted with guys who are overwhelmed with self-admiration and pomposity?
I mean geez, hold on to that ego!
Not pointing fingers to anyone,
hehe just wondering :/

Time for a slice of chocolate tart!
Love you peeps X

*ps/Anyone ever ordered straight from before?
Please tell me!! I wna ask smth!!!