August 16, 2009

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By the way, for those who have asked
about my heart/chest problems,
well I might as well tell all you about it here!

K, firstly I have a case of Tricuspid Regurgitation..
well this isn't rare
but I do have to go for annual check-ups
So I stopped going when I was in p4.
Till recently, I began feeling discomfort around
my chest area and occasionally I lose my breath
and have difficulty breathing.


I went to see a specialist, the report stated
that I have quite a bad case of irregular heartbeat.
Which explains my discomfort and
why I always tend to feel this weird "lub-dub" thingy
coming from my heart
I was put on medication and yea!
It's getting slightly better but once in awhile it comes back,
if it gets worse then I will have
to go back to the hospital... ):

Pft, so in order to get better I also have to stay away
from caffeine and alcohol... Hahah well well :/
Yeap, that's about it haha

Anyway...... golf later! Sigh, the sun. Grrr
& cross my fingers
I hope daddy likes the house mummy and I are interested in!
I wanna move house so I get a new wardrobe!!!


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