August 3, 2009


These would be my last words. I would post mostly pictures from now on
as I realized that I can't stop blogging for long as I earn partly from Nuffnang.

I can't stand the fact that people are asking me to blog (that's fine)
but yet at the same time, I'm receiving bloody negative comments
and that annoys the living daylights out of me.
I try my best to ignore, that's alright.. but there's a limit to my patience

And I'm asking you imbecile and ignorant twats who are always
hurling nonsensical comments to take back your words and shove it down your throat
bcos if you are any better,
then comment.. with your name at least. Have some conscience?

Lastly, don't be too quick to judge.
You don't know me well to say such things about me so piss off alright?