September 18, 2009

Meow, new collection @ Ohsofickle

Need to exercise more!!!!!!! Grrr >:o
Yes!!! Meet our hamsters!
on the wheel: Meowmeow
underneath: Ninja

So cute okay!! Omg But Ninja is really like Ninja
it climbed up the cage when the top cover is open and
ran all around Haji lane!!!
(k I'm exaggerating.. around Sup/Mosi Cafe)
So naughty please!!!!!! And it runs damn fast!
zoom zoom zoom- - - - - -
Anyhoosss I'M SO HAPPY!
Everyone has a reason to be happy today cos it's a
I wanna go & shop shop shop shops shop till I drop!
It's been ages since I've shopped ):
Gonna catch The Ugly Truth later toooooooooo
so excitedzzxxxxxxx

Miss all my babies! I wanna see all of you asap!