September 14, 2009



I'm a Sleeping superhero
I'm a champion at sleeping and I fight evil
in my dreams.
(I'm serious, I've dreamt of fighting Voldermort
like countless times.. latest was last Friday.
mostly wizard-y dreams tho, I'm a sucker for Hogwarts)
Sometimes I talk about Harry Potter to my friends
and all they ever replied was "mhmm mhmm", give the
awkward stare..or go like
"which ep is that! I haven't watched it all!!"
and maybe cos I'm too into the whole
wingardium-leviosa thing I can't stop talking
(and dreaming) about it. Hahahahahahahahhaah ZAAAAA-P!

Meet my comrades.. and yes I sleep with all of that
every-single-night (there's more tho)
Along with two pillows, a bolster and 4 blackets
Mhm you got that right, 4 heheh
I've the Giraffe plushie from Judith (since p6 or smth!!)
Barney from Marvin, the Cat from Chevonne
Heffalump from Kw, Tigger from Fai/Fendi/Dew/Cherone
and other various toys from everywhere!!!!
Everyone of them is a baby to me, sentimental value ok!
Hahhahah makes sleeping more comfy~~

Okay, this is such a random post
ending off with the corniest picture of Sept

The classic "Peace" sign... Hahaha

Aights! Gonna go sleep now!
Boys are stupid things (particularly) hehe
Goodnight X