September 22, 2009

young love

My Sunday which ended so very quickly
felt as if it only lasted 2 hours..
and I couldn't rmb much (greeeeeat)
but I wasn't drunk tho, just realllly high?

Firstly Happy Birthday Kenric boy!
You know beneath all my complaints to you
I do love you yes? :)

The company that night was as usual,
the awesome lot!
Zouk wouldn't be half as fun w/o yall around <3
It was mad crowded, thank god we got a table and had
somewhere to chill instead of squeezing w people.


I had like cramps out of nowhere and it was literally
paralyzing me! God I felt like dying?
Roy and Jane saved the day tho... Hehe so funny!!

I wasn't even on the dancefloor for more than 15mins
& I only caught a glimpse of Stevieee from the 2nd floor
Hahah, ohwell. Shall wait for him to come back, 2010? :/
My mood's been fluctuating so badly since Sunday
And it's definitely not PMS.
God, everything is killing my brain cells
I just wanna lie in bed 24/7 and not do anything ):

Oh well, I got my $$$ from mummy ystd!
Just as she promised for forcing me out of the house
That's a plus, made me happier by 10%?
I want that bag now, please?

Alrights, Happy Tuesday peeps.
Stay happy.... yep. Bye bye X