October 11, 2009

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience

Sometimes when I think about Singapore,
I would think about how it actually can be one of the best
holiday destinations for tourists!
Why? Here are some reasons on why I love Singapore
and how it can be a great place for a holiday.

Firstly there's Food...
As Singapore made up of a
Multi-Cultural and Multi-Racial society,
our country has a wide variety of food.
From cultural to fusion cuisines,
there is definitely something to satisfy everyone's
tastebuds! ;)

Besides Food, there's.... SHOPPING!

Don't deny, that's one thing people look forward
to when going on a holiday right?
Here in Singapore we have our most popular
shopping destination: Orchard Rd
One stop which caters to your shopping needs :)
With the newly launched, ION Orchard Shopping Center
there is no doubt that shopping in Singapore would
be more enjoyable than before!
Just watch those pockets people, don't land yourself in a
credit card debt ;)

Lastly, there's the Nightlife

I love the nightlife in Singapore (duh)
because it gets boring at home on weekends,
we all just want to have fun right?
Be it eating at 24 hour eating houses or partying
the night away, Singapore has it all!
So this means that all insomniacs and nocturnal humans
will actually have something to do besides trying to sleep
at home!
Ok so, if I have a foreign (girl)friend
who's coming to Singapore to visit
here's what I will have planned out for her :)

Lunch at Newton Food Centre
to introduce and indulge in
popular local favourite dishes

Shopping at Orchard Road!
to walk the whole stretch of shopping malls
and shop shop shop ;)

G-MAX ReverseBungee
hahaha my treat to be lauched
upwards to a height of 60metres!
why not? cheap thrills are fun ;)

Dinner at Dempsey Hill
wide array of restaurants to choose from,
love the atmosphere of the area too!

9pm- Late.....
zouk, butter, zouk
meet all my other friends and we can
all party together!!!
Hahaha okay what right?
I mean, that is what I would enjoy,
especially the shopping part :)
And like maybe feel guilty for over-eating that day..
Those who say boring then too bad, haha
also not taking you out!
Heh heh heh

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience