October 8, 2009


Internet's finally back baby!!!!
Currently I'm @ Fai's crib with him and wormy..
waiting for 4am to come so we can call mcdelivery.

Wahh, macs for don't knw how many days in a row.
If you see this weekend's pics on my blog next week,
don't be surprised if I look like Barney.
Anw.. this was last Sat!
Carbon 4 launch party+Thriller

Babygirls <3

This is the the only pic I got for Thriller..
credits goes to Jordusssss. Hahah

Haha omg omg we had like freeflow of drinks
then everyone go and 打包 till the whole stretch
of table was covered in drinks!

Pics from fisheye roll..

hehe bbg gone! Sleeping soundly zzz~

The night ended horribly tho.. it always happens!
Grrr, shan't talk about it.
I've been eating alot know!!! >:(
So annoyed with myself, pft
Oh I wanna be Tap tap champion!
I just drained wormy's iphone frm playing Tap tap.
I think the only thing I like about iphone is that,
other than Tap tap its like byebye Iphone:

I was telling fai on how maybe I should just buy
an Iphone so I can play Taptap.. and like as a
spare phone to use when my bb runs out of batt!
why not lor?

But then, I'd rather use the money to buy
more clothes... Hahahahahahaha 喵.
Okay........ I'm out!!! byebye humans, X