October 1, 2009

We are normal girls, Just like You.

My internet has been faulty so far
which explains the long update.

Well well, nothing much has happened
this week! Life is boring as always!
Spent lots of time in Tam's office... which
might have killed our brains cells and resulted
in the videos which you are about to witness.

These stunts are impromptu which induces
lightheadedness if performed to the extreme,
otherwise, it's a lot of fun
Please, DO try this at home! :)

Frz really like kanye west please.
Watch too much music videos.. confirm one

Bwahaha, Tammy=Sean Kingston
I look like professor trelawny(?)/
fortune teller/fengshui shifu (my future)

Omg, just pretend I was drunk. HAHAHAH
We were all "DRUNK"
I'm soooo retarded.......
Tammy best, she damn into the song. Wahahahaha

Ohwell... it was fun!!
Ilove you babygirls!!
+mars baby for behind the scenes <3
Okay now you know how retarded times maximum we are
OMG ok, hope you had fun watching
it all was good workout ;)

Tmr's a Friday!!!
Happy happy happy!
Will be back real soon!! xoxo
*blows flying kisses~~

**p/s Blackberry Update!

Blackberry current status: Strawberry

Wahaha, LOVE IT!!!