November 29, 2009

"I'm at that point in my life where
things are neither good nor bad.
They could be better, but they could be worse.
And I can't look at anything with a purely pessimistic
or optimistic point of view.
It's just that point in life when you just
have to move foward and hope for the best"

caught New Moon today, effin happy that Jacob Black got
rid of his stupid long hair, now he's a hottie ^^
Laidback Luke was well.. Laidback luke I barely stayed
for an hour, hehe.
kayness, am gg on a trip in approx 3 hours
i got a feeling the trip's gna be boring since i bet there's
hardly any shopping involved (boo)
not sure when i'm gna be back too so yeh...
gna miss my girlies and boypals!!!
take care when i'm gone