November 5, 2009

or are you just a decoy dream

Okay, Happy Thursday people!
How was your week?
My internet seems to be working pretty fine
so I shall upload a few pics over the past few days~~~
This was Halloween on Saturday!!!
We were so lazy to go all out to dress up,
so I suggested that we should just wear peejays..
and we did!!! 

Hahahahahahaha so funny
but it was so comfy, we wanted to wear pjs everyday!!!
Tams and I headed to Zouk for awhile
the crowd this year was not as good as compared to
last year's! Not in numbers but in what everyone 
wore... last year's one was- Amazing. Haha

It was so god-damned packed inside -_-
I received like a full back massage from an aggressive
dancer okay! And I wasn't even dancing or what..
I was standing still
So imagine how much he had to move in order to
"massage" my back. Uh... Alot? HAHA
we gave up in the end and went back to Sup
which was ten million times better.
was spinning really really really nice music!!

Tammy, couldn't stop sleeping everywhere....
I fed her fries in her sleep, LAZY WOMAN!!! Haha 

Mars was a ghostly schoolgirl hahahahaa

and Roy was afraid of her...... :/

Oh well, we had such a great time singing and
making up impromptu songs & laughing our hearts out

Hehehe god, I love Haji and everyone there that night

Ok ok, are you ready guys?!!?
This was Burberry's Official Opening @ Ion!
We were all helping out as ushers and got to dress
up in Burberry trenchcoats!

Ok, we all fell in love with those coats. Haha
Got to see many celebs and Christopher Bailey himself!!
He was only like 20cms away~~~ 
Our feet was giving way from standing on heels 
for so long!! But all the effort was paid off after we got 
to go in and join the fun.. eating. Hehehe
Overall, superbly fun experience :D
Okay, so that's pretty much sums up my week till today
thank god that it's Friday tomorrow! 
Which means I'll be seeing my darling babygirls~

I hope that I get to watch a movie tmr, if I have time..
haha cross my fingers! X