November 18, 2009

what a way to start a post right
first picture already see my face...

alright this was last week at Van's house with my girlies~
we didn't do much tho, but it was fun spending time with em

Nat made lasagna for dindin, omg it was damn nice.
without her/her dad's lasagna, we would have starved ):

Please tell me Nat's damn cute o.o

Clara and Kyla doing their usual thing...

her big big backyard with this sitting shelter thing..

One day sometime last week too...

chevonne is forever pretttttttty and kenneth well..
being the first vainest guy I've met. Hahahahahaha
he's almost a female version of me!
Zouk was well.. zouk! Always fun with the girls and boys :)
And then Thriller on Sat

It was.. so-so luh. I prefer the previous Thriller/s tho ):
That night ended bad I guess, for the boys..
but oh well, BOYS WILL BE BOYS!
So.. I gave myself a treat yesterday
and got a little smth from:

I have wanted it since I saw a picture of it
and while I was supposed to look for an umbrella at Taka
I chanced upon...

THE BOW RING!!!!!!!!

It's so pretty right?
Looks nice online but 10times nicer in real life~
Love love love love it! yay :)
Another thing I love is the weather!
I don't care if it rains and the floor is forever wet
but the weather is just, AWESOME.
It's like autumn/winter in Singapore... so nice :)

Alright so I should probably end here...
am outta words
enjoy your week guys! xx

*ps/ What color should I dye my hair?
*pss/ Has anyone played the L4D2 yet?