December 7, 2009


weekends were boring, i sulked alot...
yes im in my golfing attire, first time you see me
in a tee with color, i hate clothing with
colors, sorry that's just me-Being me. haha
i have so many pictures that i've yet to post but
im so lazy to resize em.. lazy bones takin over~

my life as of now is moving so slowly---------
well, nothing's changed and things are still the same.
this week would be attempt no.1 to stop partying
ahahahaha, my body NEEDS to recuperate

this pic's for you tammy, hahahahah *winks
a little weekend treat for you guys

ok with living proof from the video i can finally
prove to the world how much fats are living within
my body!!! told yall pictures are deceiving!!!
now please understand my pain, thanks~~~~~~~~

anw, yeh we look crazy but i don't careeee
we had fun and I love you babygirls!! hahaha
Aights, time to take a nice bath and go to sleep
tmr's a brand new day and i will be seeing my bbg!
have a great week ahead peeps