December 27, 2009

tis th seasn to b jolly!

Hehe ok I finally got other pictures :)
Ok so this was last Wednesday!

one of my best buds who always nv fail t bail out on me..
but its ok, cos I always forgive him in the end,
Right Kenric?

is it me or am I getting fairer?
I look super white in pictures now, WHY!

hehe beloved sheeeeeshong and stupid kenric, hahahah
we wnt to Mustafa that night and look at wht I got!

A WHITE CARE BEAR! dnt knw if it has a name tho..
but it's so pretty! haha couldn't help it /:

this was uh.. Christmas!

Yay me & girlfriends, so happy Tams gt to join us ^^
like SUPERGLUE. Hahahaha

heheheheh didnt get a picture of tam's one,
it says Dancing Queen!

Zouk on Xmas wasn't exactly fun... but I guess the company
made up fo the shitty time. I hd rly little to drink too, didn't
wna burn my throat any further.. Haha.
Rest of the pics r w either S or T so yeh shall wait! :)
Well I know it's kinda late but
Merry Christmas to all of you! :)
Hope yall had a jolly gd time, my xmas wasn't tht fun
this year tho... kinda sucked.
But aiyah, celebrate so many yrs alr
cant expect every yr to be fun right???

So yeppp, once agn hope yall enjoy the
last of your hols! hehe.
I'll be overseas once you guys r bck in sch! ;)
omg... CAN'T WAIT. Shopping shopping shopping!!!

aight aight, have a happy sunday!