January 16, 2010

hehehehe hande hahaha.

this week:
awesome week spend with the boys,
though most of my time was spent in
town, zouk, town, zouk
Sigh, i need to find smth interesting to occupy my time
maybe like cross-stitching or cooking classes...?
Nope! totally kidding hhahaaha

what I rly need is A JOB!!!!
Hopefully I get the job I applied for~~ if not then I guess
its jst me, my bed, my boring life till.. I don't know?
I decide on what I wna do
Bt I like not doing anything also... omg fickle I am -_-
anw, i cnt wait fo movie l8r!
been hearing gd reviews fo Sherlock Holmes
please let it be nice!
&& also facial tmr, JST ABT TIME???!
gosh, my face is literally killin me, urghhhhhhhh

oookiedookies, I shant bore you guys with such a
long post,
hope you guys hv a fun filled weekend :)
since everyone is askin fo the whereabouts
of the turn-turn machines im jst gna give yall a clue ok?
i dnt wish to reveal cos i dnt wnt every1 to be wearin the
same ring eh!!! sorry ):
im sure yall wont wnt tht to happen too right?
so.... the clue is:
Yknow where those pics r taken?
thts whr those machines are.
keep your guesses to yourself k!
cmnts with the right location
will be screeneeeeeeeed :B
Gd luck guys~~~