January 3, 2010


Aights, so im bck w picturessss~
I cnt rmb whn this was bt.... I had awesome dory fish
with Crys @ haji and visited emo Jacky with thm at Sup :)

our inkss ^^
so afta dory and haji we wnt town.. I cnt rmb wht I did afta tht
hahahahaha did I go to zouk? I think I did..... Idk bt aiyah
what's new in my life anw. NOTHING!!
Boring life, boring boring boring );
& thn pics frm Zouk again last... Friday!
Bloody Beetroots, bloody crowded
spent most of my time outside~~

bad night, bad bad night, left zouk crying...
tsk, sigh I nvr enjoy RSGs anw. Ever since Crookers?
all my RSG nights ended like shit, I think its jinxed for me
haha ohwell.
Grr, I hate how black roots r showing, mad ugly!!
need to dye them agn in a few weeks /:
as usual life my- is a mess, always have been..
and will always be. Pft, this sucks-

tday was gr8t tho, ecp w Clara & Kyla
chilled at her wrkplace, and nw she's at my hse!
Marv's BBQ tmr, hehe stoked! Gna play DDR!!!!~
oh & cnt wait to fly off too! 48 hrs to go :)

So yep, gd luck & hve fun those startin sch tmr,
Happy Monday peeps!