February 25, 2010

skyping w dewdropzz

look like hachiko? hahahahahahaahhahaha

piccccaas frm ystd night and last(or was it last last week?)
aye whatever, but yeh hahahaha

i cld conclude tht kenneth&hande r camwhores
i spent most of my time tagging only them in pixs in fb
walao, chill leh yall. hahaha

bt yeh, i shall say it again
Last night was a blassssst!!! we shld all go again sooon..
bt firstly cn we all go karaoke tgther?
there's bound to be fuckloads of fun w kenric around!

this picture of kenric is damn nice right!

Dewwxxdropz <3

my awesome hair color... heehee

lastly a grp shot of the few of us whom stayed friends
for as long as uh 3-4 years already
<3 all of you my best boypals!!!! :)

im so happy tday cos i woke up w/o a hangover
bt my body's so effin tired tht i might jst spend the
whole thursday at home. mhmm
work starts tmr again, sigh... but on a good note
i only have work fo a day for this whole week! ^^

anw, i miss my bbgs & gfs ): can we meet up soon?

yupppp thats abourrrit, HK pics will be posted soon!
Happy Thursday guys *muackssss!!