February 1, 2010

firstly, Happy February guys!
currently w8tng fo my hair to dry... and also fo the
whole of Ep 14 of Hi My Sweetheart to be uploaded...
argh, cnt wait to watch it!!
so shall post like er... 5 pics of my weekend? Haha

Zouk on Fri w my BBGs! Didn't intend on partyin
tht n9t but decided to head there anyways to find em :)
mad happy to see them! Missed you girls!!!

stayd till abt 3 befr I decided to stay outside
w a few othrs with the company of this guy
who's name runs along the line of "beh song"
i named him Benny anw.. so th story was this boy...
fckin dead drunk, pukin all over himself etc etc
aiyohhhhh although idk him bt see him like tht like poor thing
hahah so his friends & i cleaned him up a lil and sent
him on his way home. Ah, i did sucha good deed helping
strangrs in need, heehee. bt aiyah, they did most of the work
i merely fetched the tissues/water/wipe here & there.....

SO YEAH, tht was one of the highlights of my weekend
nvr saw any1 gt THAT drunk. ohwell~~~~
anw, im madly sorry fo the lack of posts/pics
work's been keepin me busy and all
bt i'll try to post smth nice soon kkk?