February 9, 2010

Ya-ya-papaya I think Im the last to update...
hahahah ok as promised, pictures!!!
I think most of you wld have seen them @ tams/twiggx blog
sigh what to do? Im a busy girl, got work ok!
hehehe ok so my Sunday night was quite amazingly fun
sidenote* I hardly enjoy my Sundays cos I only have
golf on tht very day.. so..... yeh. Hahahaha
kk Tam's parents/Tammy's wedding? Hehe

waitin fo bride no.2 (tammy) to arrive...

Happy me posing with my new baby~~~

yup, mars and dx......cowgirls wannabe.

Wedding Picture of 2010~

my 'xp" face, dew taught me that. HAHA

great dinner! so happy fo her parents!
a very big congratulation to them tooo, hope they live
happily together forever :))))

thn over to Chris's hse fo their surprise tattoos!
was their wedding gifts frm us to them!!!
they damn steady, on the spot do, hahahhahha

I also met the largest dog I've seen in my entire life!!!

Meet Helga? Yeh.. Helga I think.. She's HUGE!!!

Seee!! When I sit nxt to it, its like taller than me? omg...
but she's effin cute!!!! bloody friendly too, am so in love
with her. its like Love at first sight??? Hahaahahahaha



experiment 101 with our hair

aww. Hahaha
Yup, that's abt all it.. Haha pretty awesome fun in total :)
OKOK, here it is!! afta dying my roots ,
my hair is finally brown again!!!

this is the closest pic I gt btw....
its the same color la, I jst touched up the roots
but so nice to have it all brown again~~~~~
*flips hair.

Okiedokies, Im done fo th night!
Mad tired and I still hve work tmr ):
AHHHH dreading it, gta wake up early all
sigh sigh sigh..
K then, see you guys around!
Do drop by Mandarin Gallery if you're in town k?

Byebyeeee *blows flying kisses