March 3, 2010

hello people, happy Wednesday!
i know i've been behind updates so here's a short one.

so this was last sunday, one of the best sundays ever!!
mmhm, we took the GMAX afta the flea at helipad
and i tell you.. it was fcking fun!!!!

Cassidy was being a chicken, he himself suggested it &
in the end he was scared out of his wits.
His quote of the day was:
I can feel my ass come out touch my jeans
then go back in....HAAAHAAHA
retard x100000!!!

Then we headed to Popeyes fo dins, Me Mars Dx and Daryl

talked abt * hahahahah had a great laugh.

so afta driving aimlessely around town we ended up in

I LOVE K SUITS LA. hahhahha its so freaking pretty!!!

i jst didnt like the color of the whole place
i'd prefer it if it was pink! ^^

Dx and Tammy= Karaoke Queens
every song also they sing, "Team INTO -IT!" Hahahahah

aww.... *heart melts
you guys made me felt a thousand times btr whn i was
feeling like pang sai that day...
lets make every sunday ktv night ok!!!!

Yup yup thats abourit...
sigh.. what a boring wednesday, what shld i do?