March 17, 2010

Hi alll, so here r some pixs from my HK trip last mth!
Like I said.. I dnt have much & most of the pixs r random
cos i was too caught up w shopping...hahahahahah.

Langham Place Hotel.

If im nt wrong the hotel is still pretty new!
and omg i love it!!! really nice place put up in ^^

Women's Street again...

Looks like real food right?!?!?!
sorry you might have to turn your head a lil..
but yeh those are fridge magnets!! hahaha like real food ah?

ugly me.....

and my best buy from my HK trip....

wheeeeehiew!!!!!!! hehehe

ok i knw its a damn short post, but whatdiditellya?
i have super little pics, haha promise i'll take more
pixs whn i go overseas the nxt time ok? :)

Anww i'll b usin formspring as my cmnt box fo th
mean time cos i changed my blogskin and ttl forgt abt
the original cmnt box... hahahhhahhahha
plus my blogskin is still under slight construction
blame it on my itchy hands, go play w the html codes ):

haha okiedokie... off to read some failbooking!