March 27, 2010

hi hi!!!! back with pictures!!!
i needa gt my lens fixed asap so i cn take pics again!
or maybe i'll jst gt a new one or smth. ha ha ha

okiedokie, ytd was an awesome 9t cos i gt to party
with my babygirls!!! hiakhiakhiak
so very mad happy cos it's been so long since i last
partied w them!! now we jst need mars to hurry join us!

new method, drink from nose. wahahahahaha

walao, this tammy don't knw how she edit the color
till my face is as red as my hair. it looks as if
my hair is part of my face... vice versa. HAHAHAAAAAAAA

poots, jst gt home from mum's bday dins
am so bleddy full!!!! needa hit the gym soon );
ok am contemplating if I shld head to zouk now
but i know i prolly will in the end so.....
shall go bombom now!