March 10, 2010

hi hi hi!!!!!!
its been a week, heehee time fo a few pictures!!

caracal's gig at 9t, neoprints w bbs & zouk afta

i love neoprints!!! i wna take neoprints everyday hahaha
i missed crystal luh, only saw her fo sucha short while ):
meh meh mehhh

zouk with the usual...

stayed at cosmic gate fo awhile, the crowd was massive man
even at 430? they were still spinning!!! hahhah.
i've beeen super free since uhm..monday
thats cos i've stopped workin temporarily!!!
YAY, hahah free time free time
did some shopping ystd, gna do some more today
hopefully i gt a new pair of shoes or smth....... hehee

okiedokie, have a happy Wednesday!