March 29, 2010

hwahwahwa, random post on a random monday!
got these pixx from shanice, long lost in her camera i guess..
ARGH i miss using my cam );
cannot take it already, shall get a fish-eye lens fo it soon ^^

tammy the vain pot, vainest pot in the entire world.

HAHAH and a series of fendi's qt pi3 faces!!!
botak army boi all grown up~~

esp this one, so cuteeeee hahahahahahaha

and my RED HAIR then.. sigh its sooo not red now );

I loved it la!!!! Shall go re-dye it soon and do treatment.

its a monday eh... start of the week, boring boring boring ):
i jst gt addicted to foursquare, i wna conquer the whole of sg
hahahahahahaha,.....FAT HOPE.
ok im really bored, i shld jst bathe and start on American Pie 3+4

cross my fingers that i'll get to go genting on sunday!!!

Kk, have a great week ahead babies!!