April 11, 2010


sunset grill fo buffalo wings, the girls planned this since..
i cnt rmb whn but we always failed to meet up
so finally yesterday we did! ha ha

took us ages and alot of $ to find the place cos it was so deep in!

ordered this while we waited fo the rest

we waited..

and waited...

still waiting...... and they arrived whn the sun was abt to set

dont knw this boy pop out from where also
but he's gay enough to hang out with us so.. he's cool

ordered lvl 1 and lvl 10.
i had lvl 1 since i don't take chilli to begin with and it was
OKAY LA. like maggie mee spicy hahahahaha

cldnt find a cab tht wld knw the way in so we.. well
walked out! mad tired+hot+long journey out.
we were literally sweating and dying hahahaha

then to Vol.ta to meet Kw.... then off to Zouk!!!

Barely stayed fo long, Zouk's boring w/o everyone else ):
left, had Sausage Mcmuffin fo breakie & bck home to zzz~

supposed to go over to Tam's tday to swim but walao
my ovaries chose to bleed today, URGH. Stupid!!!
so im home on a lazy Sunday and yeh, shall watch movies till i slp!

Cnt wait fo movie tmr with Kenric!!!