May 29, 2010

currently wastin timr at home now before headin fo
day 2 of my family's chalet so i figured i'd jst update abit...

soooo wednesday was kyla's pre bday celebration at zouk!

tams & i, mad angry cos we waited at the taxi stand fo
manfred fo about 2 hours???

when we gt to zouk we realised kyla's whole fam was there
like her mum sis aunt uncle cousin, REALLY CELEBRATION lor she
hahahhahaha cool family.

drunkard times ten...

kyla's mum, me and kyla.

kyla and her mum, both high.. so cute!!

me and the bday girl~

daryl, long tumb boyfee~

manfred, my brother hahah!!!

my babygirl!!!!

& kyla's fckin nice chanel cake!!!!!!!

ended the 9t at phuture when everyone went home drunk..

and yup!!! best wednesday in a long time!!! hahahah

next day we celebrated it in Resorts world so imma update
on that another time cos my cam's at the chalet ):

can't w8 fo t9! gna party again round 2!
hope everyone has an awesome sat yeah?