June 11, 2010

Hey there humans! Sorry for not updating fo sucha long time
havent got the time to update all my pictures and all!!! :(
Btw I promise an update soon, sadly I cant do one today cos
i'll be leavin to the UK tonight! Will be back only at the end of June
But i'll be bringing my lappy, so will update whenever i find the internet
for the mean time i think i'll jst update on twitter if i can? So yup!
Will miss all my dear friends so bad, arghhhhh cannot party fo so long eh!
pui! but happy to be leaving sgp heheheh i mean its the UK!!! hahah
aights, take care all in singapore! i wish you all well
good luck to my babies participating in the event tonight
at Azzura? Do go down to show some support ok!
Love youuuu all *muacks!