July 12, 2010

hehe im so in love with the eyeshadow palette which
i ordered a few days back! had so much fun playing
around with the colors!!!
took these few pictures with it on, a combination of
white, grey-ish and black! ^^

on my face: Coastal Scents 88 color eyeshadow palette, falsies.

personally i like using eye shadows! although i rmb receiving
a comment which said that i looked like a uhm... 'slut'
with eyeshadow -_- LOOK LIKE MEH!!! :(
slut 屁 lor, hahahahahahahaha

going grocery shopping for my mum tmr!
and at the same time im going to pick out a new washing
machine for her since the one at home is spoilt zzz

haha do i sound like some aunty going household shopping?
im not okay!! im jst bored at home and doing my mum favors
at the same time i can't wait for my birthday party next week!
heh heh heh~~~
and till whenever.......

Happy Weekdays!