July 11, 2010


*btw you can click on images for a larger view*

Alrighty guys,
so here is post on my holiday earlier last June! hehe
Took a sucky British Airway flight to London..
rly didn't like the flight AT ALL!

Met a family friend who was residing there, her name
was Judy and she lived in a pretty 'english home' near our hotel
this was what her estate looks like...

all the houses were so beautiful!!!
it looks so Privet Drive, Little Whinghing /Angus Thongs
hahahahahaha btw Judy's home had a room under her stairs!!!
which made it even more Harry Potter....
cept that she turned that little room into a toilet, haha.
This was her the exterior of her home. So nice right!
Below: random picture of a flower that someone planted in their
garden. The climate there is suitable for so many pretty
and colourful flowers to grow! Unlike SGP, all you see
is alot of tress and er..Bougainvilleas -_-

so we headed to this cafe to get breakfast...
look at all the yummy tarts!

nom nom nom

bacon and eggs for breakfast! yum.

so off to the supermarket fo some grocery shopping!
Judy was gna cook dinner for us that night :)
btw she's a chef and all her meals we so so so DAMN NICE!!!

fresh cranberries and CHEAP i must say haha
and i love the milk in london, ten times nicer than
the ones you find in sgp!

packaging which i found damn interesting...

the way of labeling their products are so cute!

giant Redbull. on the left is the giant verson, right is the normal
version you find everywhere else. haha

bought tidbits to munch on..

and meet Toto! He's Judy's westie, quite a old dog tho
but really cute!!!

he tried to bite my camera after this shot tho
haha but he's so so so cute and loyal to its owner

our afternoon at Green Park
it was a coincidence that we arrived on the same day as
the Queen's Birthday, so we went to her castle to watch
the british celebrate her birthday!
and i must say the people are SO patriotic!!! there were so many
people there just to witness the parade that was gg on and
to catch just a teeeeny weeny glimpse of the Queen!

below: thats her castle far back.. i mean it was slightly nearer
to where i was, the lens made it look rly far away. haha

the soldiers with the furry hats were marching in on horses,
i couldn't see anything apart form their hats cos i was standing behind
so many people and i was quite frustrated cos i could see nothing -_-
I had to put my hand up and take random photos
jst to get this shot below..
if you click to enlarge you'll see the furry hats
heehee ^^

you can actually see the queen yknow, she wld arrive and stand
on her balcony in her castle and wave.. although all i saw were
tiny silhouettes of people in fancy hats standing up there
HAHA waste my time. got quite pissed by then....
cos we were literally standing in the sun watching erm
(btw i also dnt knw what the Queen looked like....)

airshow for the Queen... now you see what i mean by patriotic?
no one even cares if it was Nathan's birthday!?
(sorry Nathan, no offence)

man on horses, these horses were HUGE. i think if i stood
next to them i would only be as tall as where the horses's mouth
is! WITH ITS HEAD DOWN! its so frickin huge!!!
i wonder what they fed them

random landmarks..

below: England supporters, there was a match that night
and these boys were so enthu they climbed up the statue which
was about 1 and a half to 2 stories high to wave the
England flag zzz

and this guy was showing off, lucky him he didnt slip or else..

The Big Ben

its really just a tall tall clock, doesn't fascinate me much
but the thought of me standing right infront of such a
recognisable landmark jst made it cool. hahahaha

this was another day, we went to some Sunday family fair

England balloons

kiddy rides

more kiddy rides..

cheese!!! yumz

liquorice! my mum thought they were belts -_- hahaha

first buy of the trip! hehe

King's Cross Station, bought Eurostar tix to Paris

this place was so HP as well, my friends and i wouldn't
stop talking about how we're gna find Platform 9 and 3/4
and then board the Hogwarts Express to Hogwarts..hahahaha

Camden Market

very cool place, although i only stepped into the market
for less than 10 minutes and came out. didn't like the clothing
they have in there, most of it was so...
Goth x Cosplay x Wtf is that?

Lunch at this particular Chinese restaurant which did not taste
as nice as it looked in its menu.
I ordered Prawn noodles, and this was my prawn noodles..

Random soup with spaghetti noodles with 2 prawns, errrrr?
my brother ordered wanton mee and his soup base was the same
as mine cept that his had wanton noodles and charsiew. errr?

Oxford Street, the place of every girl's dream.
when i stepped out of the subway stn, this greeted me
an whole building of TOPSHOP!!!
so so so huge you could get lost inside
omg really can stand outside the shop and faint

despite it being so huge, i didn't buy much from Topshop
only got 3 tops and jumper and a pair of shorts! :(

days where we just go all around london..
walking and looking at the old buildings etc


beautifully hand-paint elephant!!!
im so in love with it! and its for Sale haha
if you go around London you get to see elephants such
as the one below, all specially designed by someone and it
goes on sale to whoever that's interested in it!
i've seen a few but i love this one the most :)

check out the restuarant's name

more elephants.... heh heh

hello kitty in london too

Yup! this is it! the London Tower Bridge. also known as
London Bridge!

Diagon Alley hahahahahahaha

crossing the bridge

Mini Hogwarts

invisible man

shakespear globe theatre!

i really wish we had time to catch a play!
this place was remade to look like the old and original globe
theatre which features Shakespear's pieces.. but i forgot
what happened to the old one so a new one was built,
which is this particular one!
till date, they do still have real live plays that are being held
in the theatre :)


and why am i so excited over it, those who saw my tweet
this was the bridge where the Death Eaters attacked
in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!!!!!!
yknow, they damn bo liao then go and disturb
the muggles and this was the exact bridge that was shown
in the movie!!!!!!!!

i was so happy i could have died on the spot while crossing
the bridge. haha and i keep telling my friend how i wouldn't
mind having the Death Eaters attack the bridge just when I
was on it so I can relieve a Harry Potter moment....... zzz
hahahaha im so lame. ok whatever.

Harrods, branded shopping heaven~
everything from, your lv,chanel, prada
to margiela, alexander wang, mcqueen, acne..
apparel shoes accessories.... *faints.

and U.O! Big as well! about 4-5 stories high
lots of nice clothing but some were really pricey!

one evening's dinner...
and im so in love with this (below) they're pizza dough balls
served with garlic butter. DAMN YUMMY OMG
i finished my plate within like 3 minutes...

traditional english tea, i drink that everyday there. i hardly
bought any soft drinks unless i was rly thirsty! if not then
its tea for me!! hehe
BTW, beer is cheaper than coke in london
haha, my dad has his beer as much as i have my tea...

mum's pizza

my lasagna .... yummy.. heehee

caught a live musical, Sister Act!
I loved it to bits!! I love broadway and live musicals
this one was so well played it made me love musicals
even more now!

more food... this was at Selfridges
another branded goods heaven and this one was even better
and imho bigger than Harrods!
Got myself a pair of Ferragamo flats, a Chanel wallet and a ring
from Margiela! mad love!! hehehe


sunset otw back to the hotel.. btw the sun there sets at like
9plus-11 on certain days and rise at like 3-4am -_-
the sun there cannot chill one.hahaha

we took a weekend off to drive out of london and to Cornwall.
Cornwall is right at the end/edge of England! so it took us abt 8
hours just to get there zzz
otw we went to the Stonehenge..

yes, this is the actual Stonehenge. never thought i would see it

mum wasn't v pleased with the idea of paying like 30plus just
to go see a bunch of rocks.. and we couldn't even go upclose to
see or touch it. so imagine walking one round around it
just to take pics and er...look at the rocks. hahaha
quite boring tho, i think this whole project's a scam.

we arrived at our destination!

this (below) was where we stayed!

so nice right! i loved the accomodation!
3 huge bedrooms with attached bathrooms,
a living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room
and a back balcony!! what i hated was that there was hardly
any reception at all! bummer :(

the weekend at Cornwall..

took a 30minute drive to a small port/town
quite a happening place haha

then we went to visit King Arthur's castle...
or whatever that's left of it

really such a beautiful and magnificent place!
directly nxt to the ocean, SO NICE!!!

yup, we got to climb up that tall tall hill.. it was

climb climb climb...
"HI HO HI HO" (snow white dwarf's work song)

finally reached the top!

castle ruins

view from the top

yup, we were on the montain top...

more castle ruins

LOOK! can climb till siao. looks like Great wall of China no?

then tea time! after so much climbing!
scones and tea and fckin ummy cheese!!!!

weekends over back to London....
stopped by Mulberry and convinced my mum to get
the Bayswater!!!! yay yay yay yay!!

more tea for me....

the silver thing on the top is to filter the tea leaves...
i didnt rly like this one, maybe cos its not the tea bag kind

sadly i only went there for a day :( so there's alot of
places i didnt go visit.. like Disneyland, and the Le grand Lafayette

its also china people's haven.. so many china ppl inside
damn noisy -_-

the Eiffel Tower

it really didn't impress me much, looked more like
a tall thing made up of corroded metal.. haha!
it was so bloody crowded too! maybe it wld only look
nice at night, ohwell again!~~

shop shop shop!

river cruise to kill time..hahaha

so we got to the Louvre, famous museum in Paris
the pyramid below, is the entrance to the museum..

the whole place looks so mind-blowing and i was
damn overwhelmed by my surroundings becos the place
was so bloody nice!! was damn sad that we didn't have
time to go and in walk around, see famous art pieces like
the Monalisa?!? I WNA GO THERE SO BADLY!!!! :(

told myself one day I NEED and WILL to go to Paris!!!
bwahahahaa -inserts evil laughter

random, uploaded it not bcos of the bag but how
it looks like an advertisement! hor hor hor? hehe

Yup! This was the second last day before I came back to SGP
so I have no more pictures :(
when I got back to London all I did was go back to Oxford St and shop
at the same ol places... Topshop, H&M, Selfridges and yeeah
but overall I LOVED the trip! Although it was rly tiring to walk so much
in a day, EVERYDAY but it was all worth it!
heh heh heh~~~

sorry it took me so long to upload pics, had to overcome
my lazy period after i came back.
am starting to blog again so yay me!
tho im getting bored in SGP alr, might be gg to Genting
nxt month again, hahaha.

Enough with holidays! World Cup finals tonight,