July 8, 2010

picture update of last 2 weekends plus the weekend
before i left fo the UK!
two weeks back in sgp and im bored already :(

weekend before i flew...

this was 2 saturdays ago, zouk night!

haha i like this pic of dew, look at snorlax below

my pancake face... i want my chin to be this sharp!!!
i want chin implants.. haha

fendi, ah di

di di and dew dew


snorlax and baby snorlax

hahah was a great night, i miss zouk, but im so lazy and tired
to go there every week now.. hahah shall find more erm 'exciting'
things to do in SGP.. not like there's many -_-

this was last week! i missed chev! she and jon are so cute tgther
finally got to sit down and talk nonsense w her hehe

so this is me, adding on unnecessary calories to my body
but i cant resist! the fried seafood tofu is so yummy!
if you're ever at cine's foodcourt go try! its nxt to Pepper Lunch
buy Set Meal number 8!
heh heh i still rmb ;)

kenric, my asshole friend! yet my darling bro hehe
just look at him!

heehee. caught Eclipse that night, OMGGG its so nice!
compared to Twilight and New Moon, this was the best
i totally think after watching this one, TL and NW are as good as dead
i can hardly rmb any parts from both shows zzz

bzz, life is so mundane for me now
all i do is wake up, eat, lie down, watch tv series online, eat, sleep
HAHA, life of a full time snorlax

Anw do any of you watch The Big Bang Theory?
I know im quite behind but that show is fudging awesome!!!!!!!
sibei funny times infinity, haha if you're free go watch!
kills time..or in my case, Days.
Im jst anticipating Gossip Girl Season 4 to come out :(

So what tv series do you guys watch online?
any nice ones to recommend? must prepare smth to watch
after i finish TBBT! :)

UK post coming this weekend! ^^