August 19, 2010

few days ago.
went to FEP after like a gazillion years haha
the place was so so, like nothing much changed :(
met up w kw, he went to eat pontian..
seriously the pontian damn nice meh!?!?!? like ok only leh
i eat too much wanton/wt mee will feel like puking hahahahahah 
not my thang *shakes head*
haha the grafitti wall cannot chill, some people like spammed it with
lots of their 'love and dedication' to korean bands and well korean stars
like WHY only this particular place??? haahahah see already also 0.0
see the left, all the korean characters and what shinee all
what is shinee??? hahahhaa
very normal tasting overrated wanton haha
hehehe bijou :)
new collar for biiii! can't wait to take him out~
heh heh

ok as im typing this im sereiously bored. its like 9:43am and im waiting
for vanessa and clara to come over so we can go to school for recess later.
can't wait to go mam mam heh heh

ok so for those who've followed me on twitter
i was talking about this song by Flo Rida right, Club Can't Handle Me
wa.... that song is damn shiok. I just rapped it twice, i think i quite pro
heh heh hahahahaahhahahahaha
aiyah pro or not, the song is damn nice
heard it a coupla times before but like i downloaded it a few days ago

haha ok i typed that post like this morning!
jst came back from din din and here i am~~~~

k la k la, have a great erm..thursday! hehe :)