August 5, 2010

Good news for all iPhone-ers!!! 
there's a new app for all of you to add to your many pages of applications in your phone
heh heh heh

this app is called WASSUP?

with WASSUP there'll be no more boring Fridays and Saturdays for you anymore!
im sure most of us have had our boring weekends, all because we ran out of ideas

on what to to and end up wasting our Fridays and Saturdays away....
but fret not! just whip out your phone and use WASSUP!  

 a new application providing you with informations on: 
-all the good eating places in singapore
-best shopping deals
-places to sit back and chill
-daily movie timing updates
and best of all...
personalized Invitations to Events all around our red dot nation!

So thanks to this app, you already have something to do this weekend!
 This Saturday, WASSUP?  brings to all of us a special night event

The iPhone App Event of 2010!
Orchard Cine Leisure
7th August 2010
530PM – 1030PM

Catch Rollerbladers, Skateboarders, and even skate skooters as they invade Orchard Road this August 2010. Armed with their exclusive flyers, catch a troop of more than 30 of them zooming up and down Orchard Road, giving out these flyers and explaining to you a special Auction happening at Orchard Cineleisure
This 7th August 2010!

Besides that, come watch as Utt, MTV’s most desirable host pairs up with 987’s radio darling, Rosalyn Lee to entertain the crowd from 530PM – 1030PM. Watch them play games with everyone and dish out facts and fiction about the newest iPhone application in town! Watch as TV’s resident hunk, affectionately known as Nat Ho join them in on all the fun as well!

Also catch The New Paper New Face 2009 media darling, Collette Claire Miles alongside youth theatre practicioner, Sherri Ashlee Toh run with Singapore’s top blogger, Tammy Tay do their hosting stint in town! Catch yourself on camera and on video! Be interviewed by them and stand to win hot rocking prizes!

We also present to you

Singapore’s first ever roving entertainment pimped up vehicle

Watch as Rockstars/RockBands in Singapore climb up this vehicle
And present to you their specially crafted sets of music from the 1980s to the present days!

We hear Singapore’s most popular rock band, Stellastory and upcoming youth musician, Daryl Yow, Alongside Singapore’s most talented band, Ridge, have all confirmed their attendance!

But more than anything else, the most exciting element of them all,



The rules of this auction is simple, everything starts out at SGD1.00
We have Braun Buffel Wallets, iPhone, iPads, Xboxes, Windows 7, iTouches,Shoes, Jewellery, etc to give out and the best thing is that

So it’s simple, if nobody bids after you, you get an Xbox limited for SGD1.00!
The next rule is simple, you’ve got to be an app downloader to kickstart this auction!

So what are you waiting for... download it now!


The newest iPhone application
Now available for download on the iPhone app store or over here,