August 3, 2010

hello, sorry fo not updating!
i haven't been out and therefore no pics to take :(
will promise to update more often! heh

so i've been occupied at home fo almost 2 weeks by....


heh so since i've no pictures of me, i give you pictures of him!

this one below is so cute right!!!!!

heh heh heh

and his backside for you.

heh heh, he might look so sweet and cute but
he bites me to death ok!!! my hands are covered with
his bite marks and yesterday he bit me till i bled! :(
evil evil evil!
he's only cute when he's sleeping or when he's tired and he lies
down and not move...hahahah

im quite concerned fo him tho, he's always scratching himself
i checked alr, and its not ticks or fleas! its like little bumps, skin color...
some have scabs.. like mozzie bites? what is it?

takin him to the vet nxt week fo vaccination!
hopefully the vet cn tell me what it is~~~~


hehe okie, im done fo this short post!
will take more pics this week so yeh~~~
have a great week!