August 31, 2010

ok!!! finally updating hahaha
so here are pixs frm last weekend!
Worldwide Festival at Zouk last friday with my bbgs...and this time
MARS CAME TOO!!!! omg miss her times infinity, that girl don't know
disappear go where... she don't want us already :(
my baby twiggs! thanks fo keeping me company when I was about
to like pass away and die out of boredom haha
i still rmb this was when you were on the phone w bron actin erm...drunk
and you fell into the bushes hahahahahaahhahaha 

so yeh, tams went home drunk....and dx left halfway
so left w mars n i and a few others, and we decided to go to nana
knee highsssss
ya ya dont know we thumbs up for what also -_-
if you ever go to nana and buy one of these shots right
omg dont get the white one?! it tastes like...horror. like seriously..
i was kinda bored at nana.. but mars was so high she like some siao ding dong
haha but i was happy to spend time with her!!! i miss her already :(
and she lost her phone that night luh, stupid
confirm some stupid cheapo go steal zzz owell~

bored at home on a tuesday night... mayb meeting tams n dx later
IF our plans are still on, so yeh 

 this i gta go this week.....
  • bring bijou to the vet
  • visit my baby eunice christelle ong
  • facial
  • err.......
yeh thats all planned for now hahaha, sian.
can't wait for the weekends!!!!