August 27, 2010

Ok!! Pixs from the Winkle Mall Flea!!!

thanks all fo cming down, i only sold like er.. 2 pieces from my
pathetic box of clothes, haha damn lazy to bring alot 
i have so many nice ones that i wanted to sell away but i didn't
pack em!!! grrr regret now cos my cupboard is exploding :(

ok so pixsssss!
heh heh my baby bijou!! did yall see him???
pose queen #1
naked dx..
damn awesome chicken riceeee
sleepy boyyyyy
muffin!! freda's doggie! he's so cute and tiny!!  but he couldn't make friends
with bijou cos he was scared of bijou! :(
spot yourselffff
haha bi's soon to be girlfriend! sucks that she was afraid of him also :(
hahah just wna punch my face in pic #2 and #3. 
T and loverboy, awww~ act shy again tsk tsk
yall 2 think what!! photoshoot ah! hahahahahaha
my babies :)

quite proud of myself for surviving throughout the whole flea
with a slight pro leh. hahahahaha 
i look like aunty right, my hair in an aunty bun? but aiyah. haha
who caresss?

yawns its a friday, a boring fridayyy
idk where to go.. although i knw i'll prolly end up either home or zouk
so yeh.......
AHHH, sian maxxx i wna go BKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahahahahah ok, shall end of now, i have nothing else to say alr :(
enjoy your weekends!
love love love~~~
omg super bored, waiting for dx and tams to be done w din din
and then (jst like what i said earlier on) head to zouk
boring boring boring

k la, btw, all those pics have been edited... this is what i look like in real life
so chio hor. hahaha
kk, bye la bye la bye la hahahahahahaha