August 23, 2010

ok, so some pictures from over the weekend!!!
starting with my awesome pair of shoes from Joe's Jeans!!! :D
the box like wth scratch-y hahaha
sorry i won't reveal where i bought them cos i rly don't want so many
people having the same pair of shoesssss, ya ya call me selfish hahaha 
i dont care!
if you manage to find them then lucky youuuu~~~~~~

so...friday friday
newton for din din with long lost friends hahahah
nice but deadly (for me) since i don't take spicy food :(
hahaha eu damn cute!
me and apple juice + hokkien mee for the night
thank god that im not a big fan of street hawker food, so i dont over eat
hehehehehehe lucky me!

later at night...impromptu decision to go zouk~~~
iphone 4..........keeps hanging!???!! wtf wtf wtf. thought its supposed to be good!?
thats like a piece of chewing gum luh?! frz was damn sick, he wanted to save a 
piece of chewing gum for "later" so he fucking stuck it on his thumb?!?!
a pic of me and the disgusting boy hahaha
i look so weird luh, like lack of sleep or smth?!
but don't care luh, ugly means ugly already don't care hahahahahaha

meow meow will update again soon with pics of the Winkle Flea!
hehe, quite happy I went, did yall see Bijou!???? he's damn cure right?
(right now he's behind me sleeping on the ground) 
hahhah ok ok its a boring monday boring boring boring
hope yall have a great week ahead! i know i wont zzz
haha byebye!