August 7, 2010

Sooooooo mummy don finally left her crib and went partying
with her babies on wednesday night!!! heh heh heh
i missed zouk so so so so so MUCH haha!
we pix spammed.. so quite alot of pictures to post~~~ hehe

dingxuan!!!! my baby twiggs, forced me to go out. so i forced her to be beyonce 
for the night. hiakhiakhiak 
doing tammy's all time favorite pose...
frz! being a 'filial' zouk....yups....
doing tammy's all time favourite pose 2. hahaahahaha

then it was off to Nana with the Nanapoks in Choops cooper.
OMG I WANT A MINI COOPER!!!! that's like my dream car since forever
yups, dew likes the smell of ma hairrrrr~
at nana....
HAH, look at my phat cheeks.
some brotherly love
dew you pajiao.. hahaha
tammy..the new nana performer! hahahahahaha!
and yup! nana was.....nana. haha i never rly enjoyed being there cos everyone practically
smokes inside!! and its air yeh chokish atmosphere, 不喜欢!
but the company was great! so i guess that made the night so fun! hehe

i miss partying with my babies leh, maybe what dx said was right..
i shld stop cooping myself at home! heh heh heh 
but ah, what i hate most abt partying is the aftermath...
HANGOVER TIMES TEN PLEASE, can die. super shitty feeling :(

anyway... i brought bijou to the vet on tues!
hahah he has puppy acne!!! wth right....acne... poor doggie
haha but he's healthy and all so yup! all's good!
got his second vaccination done hahaha so funny he spends the whole
day sleeping..guess its the effect of the jab!
but other than that he should be fine i guess~~~ hahahah

okiedokes, im super sleepy. bad night at zouk yesterday :(
mayn i shld jst go there once every 2 months! then it will be fun
zzz owelll, gna stay home today and take care of Bi!
long weekends ahead (for those schooling) soooooooo
have a great one guys! :)