August 11, 2010

The team at Dime would like to invite you to put up stall at Singapore's largest,
 first ever, family friendly, tourist friendly, and even pet friendly, FLEA MALL! 

At the Winkle Mall, we aim to provide something for everyone! 

Come 21st August 2010, alongside the Singapore's celebration of the first ever Youth Olympic Games, 
The Winkle Mall will be held at the spacious and air-conditioned St James Power Station and will be divided into departments. 
This division into various departments will allow your customers easy access to your stall. 
No more passer-bys because everyone in that section has come specifically to look out for your products! 

These are the different sections of Winkle Mall: 

Winkle Hilton - a department just for the girls 
Winkle Record - a space just for bands, artists are to sell any music memorabilia! 
Winkle Balls - a section just for the guys! 
Winkle Woof and Meow - a place just for the pets
Winkle Pantry - a place to share yummy treats that you can whip up! 
Winkle Garage - Have anything and everything to sell? This space is for you! 
At Winkle Mall, with your help, we aim to ensure a great shopping experience for everyone! Where anyone and everyone can not only offer something to sell, but can also find something to buy! 
Join us on 21 August 2010, as we embark on a new journey of innovation, as we create a new style of Flea Marketing and Trading. 

To be part of The Winkle Mall, 
Please register at

Hoping to see you there! 
The Winkle Family
Heh, i seriously think this is such a great idea!
nothing like the usual flea markets which are flooded with
clothing only for there's something for everyone!
Im so gna go there!!! mainly for the pets section! and im soo
gna bring Bijou over too!!! hahaha those with doggies come bring your
dogs! out doggies can make friends...ahahahaa.
those who are interested in getting a stall you still can!
registration stops on the 16th! which is next Monday, 1159pm!
if you're gettin a stall then just come, with your friends family animal
whoever. hehehe hope to see you :)