September 2, 2010

kite flying on monday night!
so happy that i got to meet my
baby worm dew marv van des hande denise
I MISS YOU ALL OK, dont say i buey steady don't wna meet you guys
im rly tryna save $ from taking cabs, hahaha

so i got myself a disney princess kite....and there was a winnie the pooh one
i felt damn cheated cos i went home to my brother saying like
"walao!! lousy one leh the kite you buy, see this kinda quality!"

so off to marina barrage...
haha this idiot keep scolding bijou the whole night! EVIL BOY
hehehe my BABYYYY
hande and denise, they like kite pro hahahaha
bijou knows how to camwhore tooo
marvin, die die also wna force his kite to fly
in the noon he still can tell me
"no the wind there right, damn strong one, its like hor you put the picnic
mat there, the whole picnic mat fly...or or like you play cards right, put one deck
of cards on the mat hor..the whole deck will fly....blablabla"
FLY MY ASS. hahahah
btw thw cap is fckin cute?! 
i didnt knw it was Hello kitty till i took a second look!!!
hahah everyone loves bijouuu
i know yicong secretly loves him toooo kekez
lazy worm.
we went to TP fo prawn mee after that and then headed home!
was a rly chill night luh, but i had fun, 
heh heh suddenly dont feel so unloved anymore~~~ 

jst got bck from the vet! Bi finally got his third jab haha
he's currently sleeping on my feet, what a cutie pieeeeee
gna bring him for grooming soon, his hair is getting so long!
the vet shaved off this kukubird hair jst now hahahahhahahahaha
(i still havent told my mum i charged the bill to her CC yet........)

I CANT WAIT FO TMR!!!! its a Friday!!!! ohyeaohyeaohyea~
can't wait to party again this week, pray that nothing ruins my weekend!
and then Sat i wna go down to the IT fair!! am currently coughing up a plan
to psycho my dad to buy me a new camera. I want a digital cam and am
contemplating btwn the
  1. Canon G11
  2. Panasonic Lumix 
  3. Olympus Pen
Whats the best cam out of the 3? Any recommendations?? :)