September 17, 2010

OK LAH, my blog is getting like super boring
all i ever update about is zouk n nana :(
but besides those places i jst stay home n be a mother!

hahahaha meh, so shall bore you with more pixs of my boring life
heheh so after sentosa last week we went to marina barrage to fly kites!

ehehe our new kite! no more loser disney kite! jahahahahaah
yes i was still wearing my bikini hahahahahaha go marina.b to moon tan
hahah fanatic kite flyer ah tng
my baby bi! look at how he sits!!! hahaha like a panda!
all he needs is a bamboo shoot hahaha
Jiamin! :)
hahaha bijou the king. see must fan him somemore!!! 
we were tying to 'fan' him to sleep....
baby n I

okay didnt take much shots that night so was pretty much it
so that was my friday night! really well spent with everyone
was a great n happy friday! :)

meh....headed to zouk hahaha
i hated my hair color....ok i know there isnt much of a difference 
i wanted ash brown? THIS IS SO NOT ASH BROWN HAHAHA
peh peh peh!!!!!! fail.
my nail avatar-ish right! i rikes...
but now its chipping like crazy n it looks fugly. 
need a mani!!!!
yaya tams fav heels, cannot stop 'modelling' it. chill ah b..... ahahaha
ok come to think of it i dont think those pixs abv are from sat. hahahaha
aiyah whatever, also same place so might as well post em
both my long time buddy babies~~
got bored at zouk....second time there n i didnt go in! 
the thought of the crowd makes me wna die...waaa think im growing old alr
hahahaahhahhhaha really man, i kena influenced by aunty dingxuan
she is my senior mentor......hahahahahah

off to nana
saw zoe!!!! omg i miss youuuuuuuuu
havent seen this girl in ages man :(
cassidy...secretly sitting on the couch..cfm drunk hahahha
dew's smexy pants hahahahahaha

THEN we got bored at nana...ok luh more like i got bored hahah
so we went to eat KWAY CHAP!!!! LIKE FINALLY
i wanted to have kway chap for like ages already!
thank god darryl's house was opp nana and they had kway chap there
hehehe NOM

errrrr yeh ok. kway chap rocks my life hahhahah

friday friday friday today is a friday
everyone should be happy cos its the weekends! meh, but same ol shit fo me
everyday stay home really can die. hahahaha
n thanks to dx im addicted to veggie samurai!
yknow yesterday night i played it from 12mn till 5 am? fanatic right?

should be headin to town finally!!! hahaha
i havent stepped in to town fo so long, esp FEP? i think the last time
i went there was the pontian day...and before that was prolly months ago?
pro not?  haha

SIAN, i really damn sian. Feeling some zouk but yet again not feelin it
haha, some boredx lyfxxxxxx meh meh meh meow meow meow

k luh, hahhaha have a great weekend guys heh
bye bye!