September 30, 2010

okiedokes, since im bored...
shall post some pixs from Tues
stickers i bought to make myself slightly happier... hahaha
got one more for Tams too! ^^

accompanied cassidy for lunch, it went well
all his nonsense made me happier fo abit too...
my attempt to look happy but fail face, cant stand my face man.
annoying cass.. but i fucking love this picture eh!!!
it jst looks damn nice right? Im even using it as my bb wallpaper
Dingxuan!!! 我的宝宝!
Hahaha, ok that Tues was fun, tho I was jst secretly moody n depressed n angsty
all the time. but my babies made me laugh so much it rly made my day
so for those who accompanied me on Tues I really thank you!
I know luh, yall will think its nothing but I felt so much better out with you guys
than stay crazy and bipolar at home -_- haha
pixs of my baby falling asleep.

Haizzz, he's really the best thing that's ever mine
All I have now now my Baby Bi!
looking at him makes me so happy!!! Sometimes i wished he would understand
what im saying cos most of the time I talk to him at home
and before i sleep, or when im upset
But all he does is look at me then bite me and run around in circles zzz
but nvm! If he's happy, then Im happy! hahahah

shall spam some camwhore pixs of myself so there wldnt be
so little pixs for the post
Photo 288
Photo 289
Photo 292
walao dont laugh at me eh...every girl secretly camwhores please.
ugly or not i also dont care. got pictures good enough.... heh heh
okiesdokes,  i've a video of tuesday!
currently editing/uploading so will post em up by the end of the week
also have an Advertorial coming up soon~~~

oh ya, forgot to add... i started work yesterday......
N i found it quite fun!!!
dont know if its first day or what uh, but am starting to love it!
hahaha can't wait fo friday n saturdayyyy! :D

hahah okay,
till then, have a great week everyone!!!