September 5, 2010

Pixs from Nana a few nights backkkkk
my two precious babiesss, both also high and gone~ zzz
hahaha manfyyyy
and lastly...
the drunken prawn. hahahaha!!!
so gone right, but still can close eyes and sing songs, wth man.
quite a boring night, cos didnt drink much n wasn't in the partying mood
so yeh.....meh.

anw, headed to the IT fair two days ago, n i managed to convince my dad
to get me a new digi cam!!! yay
so in the end i got the Olympus Pen E-P2
ok.. i havent got to use the cam much yet but........idk if it was worth the $$$
cos there isn't a built in flash...and i think my lens cannot even zoom???
cannot right?! or i don't know which button is zoom. hahaha
but yeh,  no flash and no zoom :(
meh, does anyone have the same cam? yours can zoom???

overall it looks like those old vintage slrs? cept that this one's digital
hahahh and its pretty heavy so ya
idk if im gna be takin alot of pictures with it
but im planning to record videos!!! hahahhaahhah
mayb soon i will do a video on idk...smth random and i'll post it up!

*btw thank you to those who recommended cameras to me!!
tho most of you recommended the g11...
hahaha but i got the Pen instead -_-*
meh, okay i haven't got much to blog about already
boring sunday...i hate sundays! i eat too much on sundays
mum will force feed me with yummy food :(
I wna go fly kite againnnnnn~~

owell, school holidays starts tmr! have fun yall 
those who are in school...heh heh heh