September 10, 2010

so...some random shots from the O-Pen
heh heh heh.....
 I LOVE EM!!!!!!!
hiakhiakhiak rly gta thank vanessa fo helping me to queue n buying em
before it all runs out!! Thank you so much vans! :)

ok so for those who've followed me on twitter you would have seen
my tweets about Hommus...this sauce thingie i got to dip my nachos in
OMGG its so effing nice!!! tasted some at london and fell in love with it
heh heh heh
if im not wrong it is mostly consisted of nuts? yup
 nachossss nom nom nom
 looks damn yummy right!!!! hahahaha

Btw Happy Hari Raya to everyone n all muslims! 
may you collect lots of ang pows n indulge in ramly burgerssss
speakin of which, i have yet to eat!!! hahaha

okiedokes, enjoy your weekend guys! Happy holidays! :)