November 21, 2010

happy sunday everybodaye~
i know this space is pretty dead hahah 
a short update fo now... i have so many photos to post i think by the
time i upload all of it tomorrow morning already zzz..

so random photobooth photos hahah
the day i wore a WHITE tee out, everyone can go buy 4d already
cos i hardly ever wear white. hahahaha
but the tee's oversized tho so i hope i didnt look bulbous in it /:
Photo 474
Photo 475
Photo 471
i liked my hair then..looks curly and tamed. now its just crazy again -_-

ANW, caught up with chev last week
missed that girl so much, she always disappear from me :(
then everytime go her blog never update zzz hahahah
so we had sushi and walked around PP..
heheh my all time fav!!
cute stickers she bought! see!! got macaron keychain somemore! haha
hehehe ^^
look at her in the first polaroid, so cute! hahahaahah

HAIZ end of random sunday post. haha i promise to blog again
sometime this week, haha been quite caught up with alot of things..
and i need more sleep! been so sleepy these few days.
OH! and I caught HP7 TWICE! heheheheh wahahahahahah
HP rocks. I wna get the deathly hallows and a wand tattoo leh

okiedokes, im sho bored. work tonight at zouk fo Vaunt!
cya guys if yall are there ^^